Meet the Team

All our programmes are delivered by trainers who are experienced practitioners with years of involvement within the private, public and voluntary sectors. They are passionate about helping delegates to explore their potential and make real progress through their learning experience.


Fiona Bradley


Fiona is the founder of Fiona Bradley Training and Consultancy Ltd and has developed organisational talent for the past 15 years.

Fiona is a versatile practitioner who works across sectors and industries and she has supported with the strategy, structure, management and operation of organisations regionally, nationally and globally. Fiona prides herself on delivering benefits clients can measure and a service that’s second to none,

Fiona’s specific area of expertise is in the development of individuals and teams where she delivers and facilitates focussed behavioural change programmes. Her key skill is in supporting clients to optimise performance by enabling and encouraging the transition of enhanced skills from the training room back to the workplace to affect results.


Sandra Lee

Associate Trainer

Sandra has over 20 years experience in the field of Training and Development and has vast experience working within the educational, community, public and private sectors.

She believes that personal development and motivation plays a key part in ensuring that learning is transferred back into the workplace. To help facilitate behavioural change she makes use of many exploratory questionnaires that are designed to enable the individual to understand themselves better, their motivations and those of others.

She has extensive experience in the design, facilitation and project management of Leadership Development Programmes, successfully delivering them for Team Leaders and Senior Managers up to ILM level 5.

Sandra has gained particular prominence within the Contact Centre Industry bringing with her years of Telesales/Call Handling experience to understand the complexity of managing and motivating staff in such a controlled environment. As a result her vision is to nurture and develop the disaffected employees she finds herself working with, into an engaged and energised workforce motivated to reach their full potential.


Paul White

Associate Trainer

Paul specialises in people, business, sales and leadership development. He has a passion and belief that every individual or organisation has the potential to be better at what they do.

He works with his clients to identify opportunities for growth and implement solutions to maximise individual and business performance.

Paul provides a flexible and ‘hands on’ approach to work that focuses on the specific needs of each client. His experience and track record also brings credibility to his specific areas of expertise.

What can we try that is new? How can this be done differently? What can be improved? These are questions fundamental to the innovative approach Paul takes to client projects.

Clients engage Paul for his commitment, enthusiasm, integrity, results and an ability to bring fresh thinking to a range of situations.