Wouldn’t life be great if we had a rewind button


So often I find myself talking about self-limiting beliefs which are usually based on conclusions and realities created as a result of minimal or even no reflection. By there very nature, these beliefs prevent us from thinking, doing or saying the things that they inhibit and subsequently reduce the number of behavioural choices open to us to address the situation we find ourselves in.

Though true that sometimes these limiting beliefs can be good for us – not running into the road as I believe I am not faster than the oncoming car for example – they often encourage us to treat things with unnecessary caution and even give us permission to avoid understanding and challenging the impact of our choices.

Challenging these beliefs and assumptions requires a conscious effort to reflect, requiring us to take time to press pause and rewind and objectively explore all of the factors which lead us to where we are now. Only when we do this do we unshackle ourselves and free the mind to change what we believe and subsequently how we act.

Gavin Friel