Feedback – The key to knowing and growing ourselves


Actively asking for feedback around your performance – does that fill you with excitement or dread?

Often feedback is seen as a bit of a poisoned chalice, but consider this, without feedback how could I possibly understand the impact of my behaviour on others?

I may have the most honourable intention in the world, but if I do not actively seek some confirmation that my intention and my impact are aligned then I’m likely to carry on, blissfully unaware of the broken or damaged relationships I leave in my wake.

Seeking feedback allows us to reduce the gap between intention and impact and fosters deeper relationships founded in trust and mutual respect.

So the next time you find yourself teetering on the brink of asking that killer feedback question – take the leap and grow your self-awareness – better that than hours spent repairing the damage of your unconscious incompetence!

Gavin Friel