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We are a passionate provider of learning and development solutions in personal development, leadership and management and we are dedicated to assisting people to reach their full potential.


WHAT WE DO — Tailored development programmes

We can design many of our programmes to include diagnostics which allows the comparison of individuals self perceptions of skills and performance to those of others who work closely with you.


Delivered by passionate and experienced practitioners

All our programmes are delivered by trainers who are experienced practitioners with years of involvement within the private, public and voluntary sectors.

They are passionate about helping delegates to explore their potential and make real progress through their learning experience. We are keen that all of our sessions are relevant and personally beneficial and each is delivered using a blended learning approach with high levels of participation.

Practical application supported by tutor and peer feedback is used to maximise the development of learners.

Meet the Team

How we work



Our aim is to enable candidates, teams, and organisations to recognise their full potential, to make effective, empowered staff better able to respond to client’s needs.


With a strong foundation of sound theoretical material we utilise the practical experienced of our trainers and learners so delegates can apply their learning to their work context.


Our training is very practical and focused on real world situations and topics participants face on a day to day basis. We get to know your business, how it operates and its culture and use this to create solutions which are relevant to your staff and their objectives.


Outcomes for you

  • Leads to increased self‐awareness for the participants
  • Is a powerful initiator for individual and team improvements
  • Encourages self‐development
  • Understanding of the behaviours required to improve both individual and organisational effectiveness
  • Facilitates professional development planning
  • Engage employees by increasing their understanding of the behaviours required
  • Provides an efficient measure of progress and a powerful motivator for employees